Privacy Policy

What information do we take?


If you want to subscribe to our website then we will take personal information like emails and names. We will take all the information with your permission. 

And we may use this email to send you the latest information regarding articles, news, or updates. 


Cookies are small files that are used to recognize your browser and capture certain information. It will be with your permission. If you allow then cookies will store the relevant data of your browser history to understand your interest and behavior. 

We will use cookies to show you relevant information, including ads, that are relevant to your interest. 


Note: We take all the information with the permission of our customers – once you okay, allow, or enable the information our system will store relevant data. 


Where we use that information?

  • We use this information to increase the viewer’s experience by analyzing their behavior, attitude, and interest. 
  • Based on our customers’ experience and feedbacks we improve our website to provide them a better experience.  
  • Through cookies, we analyze your interest and behavior. And through this data, we will be able to provide you relevantly 
  • Send Emails: We may use emails to send you information, request, or response to your query.


If you have any other questions regarding Privacy and Policies of our Business please feel free to contact us on the below-given email. We will be more than happy to assist you in every possible way. 


[email protected]




Founders and CEO

Arslan Javed