How to generate passive income | 07 Amazing Ideas

How to generate passive income?

How to generate passive income


How to generate passive income? Whenever you think about money, the thought comes to your mind that how to generate it? Here I have written a detailed article regarding your confusion and involves step by step methods to answer your question that How to generate a passive income here are two ways to generate income  1st one is  Active and 2nd  one is passive income.

Active Income:

Before Proceeding to our main theme of this article I would tell you a Little bit overview What actually Active income mean is? Here is the word Active clearly defines that one who himself does work so in simple words jointly Active income refers to that income for which one is paid for performing some predefined tasks i.e Salaries, Commissions, Wages, and Tips, etc.

Passive Income:

Passive Income refers to the income which requires very low to zero effort of the owner to generate it. In this type of income, you are nearly zero percent required to directly being involved in it.

Now, The actual point is How to start generating Passive Income?

Making money while asleep or being busy with your kids, friends, or other family members is amazing for everyone. Everyone wants to generate his income more and more but he does not have extra hours or energy to have it then what should he do to make it true? Here are some passive income ideas that I am going to share with you, you may think over on these. You can also choose two to three among these that can work with your situation and become beneficial for you.

Basic Passive Income ideas

1) Rental Business:

Rental Business

Renting, in other words, letting or hiring, is a consensus where you are paid for the short time use of goods, services, or belongings possessed by else one.

Here are many small beautiful business ideas that come in the category of Rental Business.

a)Venue halls:

Venue halls can be rented to the people for different public purposes. For this type of rental business, you have to do the initial investment in Making hall, chairs, tables, decoration, and serving pots. Once you did an investment now you may start generating your passive income easily.

b) Camera renting:

In this type of business, owners purchase high costly cameras and rent out to customers. In this type of business, businessmen do not only rent cameras but cover a variety of accessories from lights to lenses all of which are highly costive and everyone does not afford to buy for himself that’s why this kind of business can generate a better quantity of passive income for you.

Tips to make this camera renting business successful includes:

i)Best Quality Results

ii) Provide Discounts

iii)Easy available

iv)Search your local market

v)Buy Smarter rather buying more.

vi)Hire users freely employee to treat with your Equipment properly.

c) Start Vehicle renting agency:

Vehicle renting involves car and bicycle renting and many more. But I would shortly write about Car Renting and Bicycle renting.

d) Car for renting:

Some passengers don’t need a car on a day to day basis  or some of them can’t afford to buy it. But they need to hire a car for a short period of time. And it is a great opportunity for businessmen. If you want to start your business then you can take benefit of this opportunity. 

e) Bicycle for renting:

Travelers would prefer to travel to their destiny or home via bicycle if they have a low budget, they want don’t want a heavy car or other vehicles. It will be time saving and cheaper way to reach their destinations.

Both of the above-renting businesses are the easiest ways to generate passive income for vehicle renting agencies.


2) Blogging:

Earn Money Through blogging

Here You may think of what Blogging is and why it’s so famous to generate a passive income? Why internet users and internet researchers recommend Blogging the best source for passive income?

Now, here is the answer to your question?

The first answer to your question is Blogging.

Before Blogging, what is meant by the word “Blog”? Blog it’s a form of website consisting of written materials. In other words, it is a platform of written content or blog posts. It is a website where an individual or group of writers post their own views on the subject of their own choice.

Now Blogging?

Blogging is the set of skills to write, post, link, and control written content on a blog.

Now Why Blogging is so famous?

  • Recognition platform for you and your business.
  • Companies or Affiliate marketers keep their customers up to date with their new policies.
  • Via blogs your customer can contact and comments on your brands.
  • A community for you where you interact with the people of your thoughts to teach and learn from your readers.
  • The final and the most important reason, it is an easy way to generate passive income with no initial funds.

How to start blogging? It involves simple steps below:

i)Choose the name of your blog

ii)Register the blog you made.

iii)Make your blog customized

iv)Start writing your 1st content

v)work for your blog promotion

vi)Monetize your blog to generate a passive income easily


What makes you a successful blogger?

The following are the tips that you may use to be a successful blogger.

  • Your passion.
  • Your creative skills how creative you are?
  • Information you posses.
  • Your Experience
  • What do you bring for your blogging community?

3)YouTube Videos:

How to earn money online in Pakistan

You might be thinking like me before being familiar with YouTube as I was, are YouTube videos really a source of income? As millions of people watch videos on a daily basis on YouTube just for fun or news and updates but don’t know it is also one of the easiest ways to generate passive income.

Surely, It is the best way to generate your passive income, Now if it is, then How?

Startup your YouTube Channel and then work on it to be monetized. Once you are done then you are getting paid on views. It is very easy to make your channel first make your Gmail account and Connect it to YouTube and start making your videos.

To make your YouTube Account successful apply the following strategies:

  • Make Plans for your YouTube content.
  • Use best Recording equipment
  • Start simple software for editing your content
  • Make your videos to be optimized
  • Keep simple and SEO title
  • Make best thumbnails
  • Create long videos to increase your watch time
  • Start going Live on your Channel
  • Interact with your Viewers
  • Ignore Negative feedbacks
  • Keep uploading your videos on a regular basis
  • Make collaboration with other content creators(YouTubers)

4) Throw your Photography to make it useful  on Web


You would be surely thinking how is it possible to generate passive income easily through photographs? Here is a simple answer to your question. Take your quality photos and start selling your images.

Now, What kind of Photography, and where to sell it?

You may take a different kind of images such as :

  • Adventurous Images
  • Architectural Images
  • Astronomical Images
  • Black and White Images
  • Business Images
  • Urban Images
  • Commercial Images
  • Composite Images
  • Documentary Images
  • Drone Camera Images
  • Images of a Specific Event
  • Family Images
  • Fashion Design Images
  • Food Images
  • Images of Golden Hour
  • Holiday Images
  • Indoor Images
  • Landscape Images
  • Images of Lifestyle
  • Night Images
  • Pet Images
  • Ocean Images
  • Images for the Social Media
  • Games Images
  • Street Images
  • Under Water Images
  • Travel Images

 Online platforms to sell your photography:

  • SHUTTERSTOCK; (Popular)
  • iSTOCK
  • 123RF

5) Ebook Writing:


EBooks are a Digital version of your manuscript which consists of both the pictures and texts.

Ebooks can be read on PCs, Laptops Tablets, and mobiles including Smartphones or iPhones.

EBook can be written on every topic you wish i-e cooking, Technical, Novel, Poetry, etc.

One of the reasons for writing E-book is to make money. As I mentioned its great to make money by Ebook writing not only money but the easiest way to generate passive income for you.

What should an ebook consist of?

It involves:

  • Introduction
  • Index
  • Conclusion

How to sell an eBook?

Here are important websites to sell your E-Book:

  • Kindle
  • Payhip
  • Blurb
  • Lulu
  • Tradebit
  • Kobo

6)App Building:

Making an app is the best way to generate a passive income.

According to an estimation, in 2017 the app store created revenue of 26.5 billion dollars revenue for the App developers that is 30% increased than 2016. The total revenue paid to the app developers since 2008 is 86 billion dollars.

You can make an app for any platform you wish. But Remember one thing app must be with one name and for one specific purpose only.

Ways to make money using your app

There are many ways to generate your passive income once you made an app but I am writing here some specific ways to start your cash flow using your app.

  • Subscription should be sold:

Leave a small version of your app free but keep the best part of it for the consumers’ subscription charging for it for a month.

  • Display Ads:

If you make an app i.e for games you can also put ads to it to make money while users are busy in your creation.

  • Sale your app’s premium version

You can have a free or very low-cost app. But keep your full-featured app in return for some extra pay. In this type of version, ads are removed.

  • data to be sold:

you may gain some unknown information from your app and your users. You can sell that data to those who need it to run their business. Now start your revenue which does not display ads for users.

Believe me, you can earn 1,000 dollars for a month with an effort of 2 to 3 weeks. You just need dedication and commitment. Thousands of people are generating their passive income easily sitting at their homes, once they did their best to make an app and now they are paid for it.

7)Affiliate Marketing:


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate passive income. It is the type of marketing through which other products are promoted and you are paid commission on each product you sell. For this type of marketing, you should have a website or any networking platform where you can promote other products and generate your passive income easily.

Here are some Affiliate marketing websites where you can promote your products.



How to generate passive income is one of the most popular questions that everybody asks because everyone wants to earn money without any hard efforts.

Few ideas are given above if you want to know more about How to generate passive income then please leave a comment below or contact through our email



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