Social Media Background: The history of social media

Introduction to the Social Media Background

Social Media Background

Social Media has been an important part of modern-day life. However, it has a long history. Social Media Background is important to know for us. It is also because it is used in our everyday life.

Along with analyzing the social media background, we will also be discussing what could be the possible future of social media at the end.

Social Media background: Why have these platforms been so popular?

As a social creature, a human being wants social interactions to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the birth of social media platforms, a man accomplished the need for a healthy lifestyle.

He started interacting with fellow human beings and it is the main reason why social media apps are so popular today. However, there are many other things that these social media apps offer to its users.

Social media platforms allow users to interact with other users and make friends in the whole world. Through these social media platforms, you can use different groups where you may find people of your interest.

These social media groups are free to use. You can join them for free and interact with people of your interest. There are various specialized forums and platforms where you can find new jobs.

The social networks like Twitter can be used to get real-time (occasionally try) news. This information is often seen raw without any bias or a mixed opinion.

  1. Social Media Background: The post-world war II era and CompuServe

Let’s analyze the social media background from the 1945-1980s. The social media background can be traced back to the post-war period of WWII.

The explosion of computing technology after the 1940s paved the way for the world of social media that we see today. In the beginning, CompuServe was established in the 1960s.

The advancement went on and the first email appeared in 1966. Furthermore, the advent of Usenet in the 1970s allowed people to communicate through virtual newsletters, articles, or posts to newsgroups.

In the same decade, home computers were introduced with some sorts of social media which were going to be developed.

The idea of the Usenet system was given by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis. Social Media was closer to development, in a true sense, during the 1980s.

  1. Early social media apps: The Well and GENie

To know the real social media background, let’s understand the early social media apps which were established in1985.

The Well and GENie.  GENie (General Electric Network for Information Exchange) was an online service created at that time.

It was a critical moment in social media background history when GENie was established. It was an influential site and had a great impact on the general public.  Particularly, it brought a great impact on business.

GENIe was in use till the late 1990s.  It reached 350,000 users and was at the peak of development at that time. However, it became redundant only after the development of the World Wide Web.

  1. Social Media background: The establishment of Listverse

The listverse was established in 1986. It was a mailing list that allowed the individuals to contact multiple users in one mail. Listverse is a commonplace today. However, it was revolutionary at that time.

In 1988, Internet Relay Chats (IRCs) came into being in 1988 and it was in use till the 1990s. This chat room was used to get in touch in general and also for file sharing and link sharing.

  1. The rise of chat rooms: The Palace

The rise of chartrooms in 1994 allowed users to interact with each other through a graphical chartroom server.

The chartroom server was named as ‘palaces’. Each of the users in the chartrooms has their avatar. This avatar overload on a graphical backdrop. This type of server is still in use in one or the other way.

  1. The first true site in social media background was the first recognizable social media site in the world. It was established in 1997.

In this social media platform, users could upload their profile pictures and connect with other users. Like social media platforms today, also allowed people to make friends with each other and expand their network through social groups.

This social media site was purchased in 200 for 125 million Dollars and was shut down in 2001.

However, it was brought back after a few years. There were first, second, and third-degree connections through which users could send messages and bullet board items.

  1. Social Media Background: as the first activist social media site was the first activist social media site created for a business in 1998.

Initially, it was an email group but later it went on to promote general internet activism.

It started opposing US Military actions abroad, supporting the democratic candidates in the US and played an active role in fundraising. It started various social media campaigns the same as it is done today.

  1. Social Media Background: Emergence of blogging sites.

It was the year 1999 when the blogging sites began to be popular which is even popular today. LiveJournal, a blogging site, was founded in 1999.

This social media network started updating blog posts. This blogging site encouraged users who started creating a group to interact with each other.

  1. Social media background: LunarStorm as the first ad-financed social media site

LunarStorm was the first ad-financed social networking website that was launched in 2000. With the passing time, this site became more important and aimed, particularly, at teenagers.

LuarStorm began to develop in Sweden. It also grew to over 1 million members. 70% of its members were between the ages of 12 and 17. This ad-financed social media site was shut down in 2010.

  1. The birth of Wikipedia


Wikipedia was launched in 2001. Its impact on the internet cannot be denied. The purpose of this site was to provide an online platform on whether anyone could edit the articles.

Surprisingly, it is the world’s most popular general reference site on the web. Despite many critics, it is still loved by the users.

Wikipedia is not a social media site but it is an online community of like-minded people which can be an affiliate with social media

  1. Social Media Background: Friendster as an early giant of social media

Friendster was a Malaysian-built platform that emerged in 2002. This platform which is no longer available now was initially used as a social networking service website.

Along with other usual things, this was site was used for dating, event band, and hobby discovery service. The social gaming was also introduced by this site in 2011.

The Friendster was shut down in 2015 mainly due to lack of engagement from its members.

  1. LastFM, as the first online music site, was launched

Another important step in the social media background platforms and social media sites was the emergence of LastFM.  It was the first online music database and online radio streaming that is the norm of the day nowadays.

  1. Social Media Background: LinkedIn emerged as a unique selling point

LinkedIn is the unique selling point that appeared on the scene in 2003. It became the most popular social media site for businesses.

It is still a unique social media platform and is obvious to anyone who uses it. It is one of the best platforms to search for jobs or get in touch with businesses.

  1. Social Media Background: MySpace was launched in 2003

MySpace was launched in 2003. It quickly became a social media platform at that time.

It allowed its users to not only customize their profiles but it also could embed music and videos.  It was an important moment in the history of social media at that time.

  1. WordPress website was launched in the same year


WordPress is one of the most popular websites today. It was also launched in the same year when MySpace was launched. This particular website introduced blogging to almost anyone.

  1. The birth of Proto-Facebook and other social media sites

Various other services were launched in 2004. These include initial Harvard dom-based version of Facebook Care2, Multiply, Ning, Orkut, Mixi, and Hyves

  1. Social Media Background: The launch of YouTube, the biggest video platform.


YouTube which was entirely a new method of communication was launched in 2005. It created and shared media over long distances. The same year, many other things were launched that include Yahoo! 360, Bebo, and the Reddit.

These social media platforms also tried to find their places in the market. YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform in the world today. It is still the most popular platform that people love to use.

  1. Social Media Background: Facebook launches and begins to monopolize the market

It was the year of 2006 when Facebook was launched. It was one of the most popular social Media Platforms on the internet. It became the most social media platform in the world very soon. Facebook has grown tremendously since 2006 and is now the most visited site on the web.

  1. The rise of Twitter in 2006

Another social media platform Twitter was launched in 2006 which allowed the users to interact directly with the celebrities. It was unheard of previously.

  1. Businesses realized the power of social media in 2008

It was around 2008 when businesses began to realize that social media might be the best platform for advertisement.

Various businesses rushed towards social media sites and open their accounts. It was the best moment in the social media background when businesses began to use social media sites to advertise their businesses.

  1. Social Media Background: The emergence of Instagram  

The emergence of Instagram was an important step in the evolution of social media. Instagram is a US-based photo and video sharing platform which was launched in 2010.

Even today, it is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. This amazing smart device friendly platform was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

The main feature of Instagram in its early period was access to the users to edit the uploaded content within the app.

Users could also organize materials with the use of tags and other information location. This particular platform became so popular in the shortest possible time. It reached 2 million users within the first few months.

Moreover, the credit of the quick progress of this social media platform goes to the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. Mark Zuckerberg acquired this company in 2012. Today, it is considered a big advertising platform by businesses and private users.

  1. Social Media Background: WeChat, a Chinese-based social media platform, was launched

WeChat, one of the most popular social media apps today, according to some estimates, has over 1 billion active monthly users.

This China-based Social Media App was launched in 2011. The owner of this app today is Chinese tech giant Tencent.  WeChat is opined by some as ‘App for everything’.

This app is also used to carry out financial transactions. This app is also used for different purchases, like booking flights and hotels, etc. This app is prone to censorship of any politically sensitive content in China.

  1. A new social networking tool, Google+ launched in 2011

A new social networking tool named Google+ was launched by Google in 2011.

Google+ allowed its users to form a group in the shape of circles and chat via video hangouts. This great tool in the social media background was also a great step that excited te users to chat via video hangouts.

  1., a crypt social network, was launched in 2016

With the growing social media sites, there was a fear of suppressing certain demographics. Some alternative social media sites began to emerge in the second half of the 2010s. One of these sites was

This free social media platform has greatly developed since its launch in 2016.

The uniqueness of this platform lies in its strict neutrality in free speech. Its uniqueness also lies in the integration of Blockchain which rewards its community with ERC20 tokens. These tokens are used to promote the content of the users. They also help crowdfund other users through monthly subscriptions.

The monthly subscriptions give access to exclusive content and other services. is also described by some as a ‘Crypt Social Network’.

The regular users of find it appealing the privacy, decentralization, optional anonymity, and steadfast commitment to transparency and protecting freedom of speech.

  1. Gab, a new contender in the battle for social media platform wars launches in 2016

There is another contender in the battle of social media which is known as Gab. Gab stands for freedom of speech and individual liberty. Gab also tries to dominate the market.

Gab gets appreciations as well as criticisms equally. It has become a controversial social media platform today.

The Dissenter browser extension was launched by Gab in 2019 that allowed its logged In users to make comments on the content hosted on other websites.

The far-right extremists, white-power terrorists, and sex pests are popular in this platform.

However, they have been banned on other social media sites. Gab has been described as an online cesspool of anti-Semitism, hate speech, and racism.

  1. Social Media background: The birth of TikTok, a short-video platform launches in 2016

A new and incredible social media platform named TikTok became popular in 2016. First, it was Douyin who launched TikTok for the Chinese Market. Later on, it was launched on iOS and Android outside China. Initially,

TikTok focused on uploading and sharing videos. This social networking app has been very popular over the last few years. Most of the users use it to record short videos related to dance, comedy, or any other talent videos.

There is no denying the fact that this app is a highly addictive social media app for millions of users in the world. This might be the reason why this site has been given some warnings due to its addictive nature that brings a bad impact on its users.

  1. Parler, the newest social media platform today

Parler is the newest social media platform and app today. It is described as an unbiased, free-speech social media platform. This platform is dedicated to protecting the rights of its users.

The CEO of Parler is John Matze who created Parler in 2018.  The number of users increased rapidly after signing up for some important public figures who promoted the site in late-2018 and early 2019.

Like other social media platforms, it was launched with an ambition to topple the older and most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Let’s see whether this newly created social media platform achieves its ambition in the future.

The future of Social Media

After discussing the social media background, let’s look at the possible future of social media in the world.

Well, who knows what will be the future of social media for the next few decades? Will continue to exist in the next any years?

Certainly, we never know that. It is beyond any doubts that the human is a social creature. Any form of media that makes humans meet and interact with each other without interacting in the real world seems to e exist I one form or the other.

No one can deny the truth that social media has also a dark side which has been growing since the last few years.

The social media platforms seem to be hijacked for some political gains. It is used for personal gains as well.  Despite the constant stream of bile and abuse and constant advertising, social media seem to exist in the future.


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