Get to know your Customers day:

Knowing your customers is crucial for business success.

However, if you don’t have regular interaction with your customers, “Get to know your customers day” is particularly celebrated to connect with them.

This day is observed once in every quarter on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October. It’s a very important day to make your customers feel special.

It’s a day to establish a long-term bond with your customers.

On this *get to know your customers day* you should necessarily take some time out of your busy schedule to communicate with your customers.

Knowing your customers help you to understand the buying behavior of your customers like what your specific audience wants to buy and what things make them uncomfortable.

Make your customers feel how important they are to your business. 

Being in touch with your customers makes them feel valued and they are more likely to become your life loyal customers.

Keep customer track:

Keeping track of your customers is very crucial for your business.

If you want to build a long term bond with your patrons, make sure you keep in touch with them especially on this *get to know your customers day*.


Send a good morning email or text to your Customers. It will not cost much but add value to your clients.

It just makes your customers feel that you care for them and they will more likely to be your repeat customers.

Understanding customers is one of the most important and hectic tasks of any business.

Therefore, if you really know the interest, likes, dislikes, and hobbies of your customers then you can make your marketing strategies accordingly.

It will ultimately help you to create long-term relationships with your customers and make them loyal to your business. 

When you know much about your client, it’s easier for you to find them according to their interests.

Customer Loyalty Event: (Get to know your customers day)

Do you know it costs you five times more to get new customers than it does to retain your existing customers? And do you know your loyal customers are 50% more likely to buy a new product from you as well as spend 31% more than new customers?

Of course, your business was nothing before you got your loyal customers into your customer list. Repeat customers always encourage you to put your best to improve your services.

And this “Get to know your customers” day is a great time to reward them. You can simply host a Customer Loyalty Event to appreciate their contribution.

One of the main reasons you should promote customer loyalty is that those customers can help you grow your business faster than your sales and marketing teams

Connect with them:

Do your customers have easier access to you? Do they get their problems solved while contacting you?

A strong and healthy customer relationship needs a strong way of communication.

Make sure that your customers know about your recent product, upcoming seminar, or your new strategy to help them out more.

Provide a platform through which your customers can comfortably access you. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to ensure frequent posts.

Keep your clients updated and let them know more about your business strategies. Tell them how you are going to bring value into their lives.

On this “get to know your customer day” try to make your connection with your patron as convenient as you can. Ensure your customers that they are free to ask anything from you and you are always there for them.

A Warm Welcome:

Get to know your Customers day

A positive first impression is an important start to build a strong relationship with your customers.

You can always attract new customers by letting them feel you care about them and are super excited to have them on the board.

Giving your customers a warm welcome can perfectly be compared with the “Give and take” strategy. You can provide your new customers some kind of welcome box that could contain a pen, a diary, and a note welcoming them.

On this *Get to know your customers Day*, give your customers a warm welcome when they come to your shop or office. Offering them tea, coffee, lemonade or some other refreshment of their choice would make them feel worthy and important.

Keeping a smile on your face while talking to them would strengthen the bond between you and your customer.


A relationship always needs a two-way contribution.

How un-valued you would feel when you are always giving and not receiving. Of course, your business was nothing unless you got your lifetime loyal customers.

This *Get to know your customers day* is the best time to appreciate them. Tell them what you were without them and what you became after they joined you.

An email or a simple text thanking them for their contribution to your business mean a lot for a person who is overwhelmed by impersonal messages. It would just make a person’s day beautiful.

If possible, give your loyal customers, appreciation coupon or certain giveaways. It would build trust in customers and will strengthen the customer relationship bond.


Get their reviews about you: (Get to know your customers day)

On this *Get to know your customers day*, ask your customers what they think about you.

What was their experience while working with you? What shortcomings do they saw in your business?

Simply asking them in turn of some coupon, discount, or a simple thank you can strengthen your customer bond. This can help you to know about your customers’ likes, dislikes, interests, etc.

In this way, you can overcome the issues and make your service much better for the next time. A new customer always takes time to decide whether to buy your product or not. Many of the people ask from their friends, relatives for suggestions.

On the other hand, many of them decide while seeing reviews. The strategy of asking for reviews from your loyal customers would help you to attract more customers.

how review affects customer decision making

According to the above survey, your customers’ reviews have a great impact on your new customers.

Around 91% of new customers decide to purchase from you after considering good reviews for your business. Similarly, 87% of people decide from your bad reviews that they are not going to shop with you.

Get a Suggestion from them: (Get to know your customers day)

*Get to know your Customers day* can be very beneficial for your business. On this day you can invite your customers to give suggestions to improve your services.

Additionally, you can offer a discount or a small present for every customer that fills out the survey or leaves you a written comment.

You can also give them a questionnaire in which you may ask about shortcomings in your product or services. This would make feel your patron’s thoughts and suggestions matter to you.

In this way, you can also find strategic ways to improve your services for your Customers.

Understanding Customer Preferences: (Get to know your customers day)

Get to know your Customers day

If you want to attract more customers towards your business your priority should be understanding Customers’ preferences. This would help you to get customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Based on a survey you can gain customer loyalty by offering different rewards to your customers like:

Free Product:

Here you can offer free products to your customers for a limited time. You can also offer them get one by one free offer.

This strategy will help you satisfy more than 77% of your customers, based on the above survey. You can use this strategy on *get to know your customers day* to attract permanent as well as new customers.



         Additionally, you can also announce a discount or offer for a certain time. According to the above survey, by offering some kind of discount you can attract 75% of your customers to shop again.

Free Services:

Of course, your customer wants to get something that your competitor is not providing them. You can provide free home delivery, free installation of your product, or free repairing service on to your customer.

This would help to satisfy 57% of your new as well as permanent patrons.

Live Chat:

Face to face connection is becoming less frequent. However, you can still approach your customers by creating a live Chatbot or a live video event.

This will create a much strong bond with your patrons. This will increase customer trust in your business by having in touch with you.Get to know your customers day


 Here is a survey which shows that how customer satisfaction rate grows with the use of live-chat factor.

According to the survey, the Real state sector, has got a 98.56% customer satisfaction rate with the use of live-chat technology.

And then there is Transportation, technology, Business service, education, etc respectively.


Responding to good or bad reviews is crucial for building a positive online presence.

When you give a response to a review, it would make your patrons feel being valued and cared for. Imagine yourself as a customer of your Business and think what response do you hope from the owner. Of course, you would want a healthy response.

If you got tons of reviews, do respond to them if they or good or bad. Proving your customers that their opinions and reviews do matter to you.

If you see firms like Amazon and Ali Baba, they particularly focus on customer response. That has enabled them to attract a much bigger crowd of customers.

Remember them: (Get to know your customers day)

If your customers come back to you that’s always amazing. You can reward them by letting them know you remember them.

How do you feel when the manager in a shop recalls your name? It will just put a smile on your face because it makes you feel like you are important for them.

Remembering the name of your customers make them feel cared and recognized. They feel that they are being valued and appreciated. Send them *Hello, Good Morning* text by their name. This would grab their attention and bring them back to you again.


Social media users growth

Make sure that your conversation goes on through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

A survey from 2010-2019 shows that the number of social media users is growing by a huge amount. And these are the best platforms for you to reach your targeted customers.

Frequent posts on Facebook and Twitter, creating opinion polls, etc would authenticate your identity. It will also remind them that your business exists and there is some real person behind it. 

Host an Event: (Get to know your customers day)

Of course, your customers want to know about you. They want to learn about you in person.

This *Get to know your customers day* is a great time to tell them much about you. You can host an event at your office or working place and invite them to ask. This would help to grow customer loyalty and trust in your business.

Send personalized gifts: (Get to know your customers day)

Send a small gift to your customer to appreciate them on this “Get to know your customers day”. That small gift matters to them when they overwhelmed by the problems of their life. They would be satisfied that their contribution is valuable, and they matter to your business.

You don’t have to order 100 bottles of wine and send them to all your loyal clients — even the some that don’t drink and the one who’s told you several times how much they like it.

Consider your customers’ likes, interests, and hobbies, and source a gift that can be meaningful to them.

Engage with your customers emotionally: (Get to know your customers day)

Do you know what things firms like Ali Baba and Amazon have in common? They simply build an emotional connection with their customers.

This “Get to know your customers day” is the best day for your business to build a deep connection with your patrons.

How do we feel when someone (especially stranger) wishes you a happy birthday? Of course, it feels awesome.

What if you could send them some flowers as well? It would be brilliant then. Your customer will feel like being valued and remembered.

You can also make a good relationship with your customers by wishing them on eves, Christmas, and other that kind of occasion.

Be approachable in person:  (Get to know your customers day)

Being available in person even only on “get to know your customers day” is highly effective for your business.

This assures your clients that they are dealing with the person involved in the business, not just a faceless company or firm. It authenticates your identity and builds trust among your customers.

Tell your customers about your journey: (Get to know your customers day)

How great would it be if you tell your patrons about your journey on this “Get to know your customers day”.

Let them know how your struggle and their contribution lead your business to success. Tell them what problems you faced to achieve that bigger milestone from “ZERO”.

What were the things that encouraged you to do much better? It would connect your patron with you emotionally. In this way, you can make your relationship last even more.

Send them appreciation cards: (Get to know your customers day)

You can never retain a customer unless you appreciate their contribution and reward them.

What if your business is not in a condition to provide some heavy gifts or some kind of offers? Don’t worry, simply send them cards appreciating their loyalty.

To cultivate a relationship with your customers, make sure you take some time to send them appreciation cards. 

This small gesture of yours on this *GET TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS DAY* will make them feel prized and valued.

Invite them to free seminars: (Get to know your customers day)

Events and seminars are excellent ways to establish a non-breaking Taking the time to send thank-you cards is a way for businesses to cultivate relationships and increase repeat business. You can invite your customers to free expos or seminars on this “Get to know your customers day”. Proving how serious you are about them.

This would enable them to learn more about you and learn how you are going to make your services better for them. Giving them a simple refreshment would be a plus point. Inviting your patrons to such events will enable you to remove complexity in customer bonds.

These kinds of events offer opportunities to build strong connections that are often overlooked.


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