Dell vs HP laptops: Which one is the best brand?

I know you are a student with a desire to win in this competitive world. You might also be a business professional with a head full of amazing ideas to be a successful businessman in the world.

But what if you do not have a good laptop to work for?

If you are a businessman then you must be here to look forward to the best laptop brands for your company.

Now that you are here, I can assume that you are confused about choosing between dell vs HP laptops. We can’t deny the fact that both of them are popular laptop brands.

You might be looking for a back-to-school laptop or one that could help you in your business chores.

Before I let you through the features of these brands, let me first make you aware of a few things that you can consider while choosing the best laptops for your need.

How to choose the best electronic products?

Choosing the best among the electronic devices has not been an easy job today. If you want to buy a smartphone, for instance, you will see a great number of different brands that exist within one set of a smartphone. The same is the case with laptops.

It’s the world of smart devices and products. No one is using a desktop computer today. Everyone including you wants a laptop that is portable and easy to use. Apart from portability, there are many things one can see while choosing the best laptop for personal or professional use.

Brand solution:  Dell VS HP laptops

Let me help you remove your confusion. One thing that may help you minimize the toughness is bringing the story to something between the brands.

One thing you can do is choosing some of the finest brands from the industry. Secondly, you can shortlist a few of those brands according to your needs.

Remember to see the three things in every brand i-e quality, service, and performance aspects. Once you are done with that, you won’t find it much difficult to choose according to your budget and requirements. If you want some of the best choices then you might have to come across dell vs hp laptops.

But you are not going to buy both of these brands. Are you?

Of course, you have to choose one out of dell vs hp laptops.

But how will you choose one between these two brands which are considered best among many? So, you have to make a decisive choice.

Again, let me help you with that. Just keep reading and I will tell you an easy solution.

Let’s get started……

I am going to tell you how you can make a final decision. Additionally, if you accompany me till the end, I will surely give some best recommendations ahead.

In this particular write-up, I will guide you about different laptop choices from dell and hp.

I will not end there but will discuss various dell vs hp laptops according to their design, quality, hardware, software, and performance.

Before going to discuss recommendations, let me give a short introduction about dell vs HP laptops.

The historical aspect of dell vs hp Laptops

I believe you cannot know about a brand unless you know their historical background.  Let me inform you in a quick way about the historical background of dell vs hp laptops.

Dell started manufacturing consumer electronics 13 years ago in 1984.

Today, this company offers a wide range of products and services. The major domains of Dell are still personal computers.

For years, Dell computers are used in homes and offices. Today we are living in an era where laptop computers are used most of the time. Dell has been merged with several firms and organizations. Dell laptops are now a subsidiary of Dell technologies.

Dell technologies are now a big player of Dell and EMC. One great thing about Dell is its different classes of products that one can choose from.

Of course, I am going to discuss them in detail in the upcoming parts.

Like other tech giants, Hewlett Packard had its inception in a car garage. This car garage was the brainchild of William Hewlett and David Packard. Hewlett Packard is now the most popular manufacturer of PCs. Now as time has passed, the company has now been offering various products from various categories. However, the most popular section is surely PCs.

Like Dell, HP also offers different product ranges for homes and offices. Though you may not find some specific classes for products people find different sorts of computers according to their purposes.

Comparatively, HP laptops seem to be more affordable than Dell laptops.

Once you have a clear idea about dell vs hp laptops, we would discuss the comparative analysis of both dell vs hp laptops.

Here, I will also let you know how you can choose the best products from the recommended brands of dell vs hp laptops.

How to make the best choice?

If you want to buy a laptop, you will never make a dull choice for yourself. Will you?

Of course, choice is important when it comes to picking the best laptops for oneself. People have different choices. One thing which is my best choice might not be the best according to your needs and requirements. The same is the case with laptops. Everyone wants a unique choice based on one’s needs.

There are two aspects that most people consider while buying laptops. One is awesome multi-tasking power. Another is the gaming aspect of laptops. This is why you should have a clear idea about the brands before going to buy a laptop.

Dell, for instance, has wonderful laptop collections. You can have found almost all your needs in one suitable product of dell company.

However, for the ultra-high gaming aspect, you can buy Dell Alienware. Dell Alienware is more popular in the gaming laptop industry.

Well, you will have two series of Dell that is XPS and Inspiron. Similarly, you will have a set of notebooks for home use. As a customer, you can have the best choice according to your requirements.

It is impressive. Isn’t it?

Let’s tackle some budget issues now. As we have seen that dell has a different class system. Because of that class system, dell has some non-affordable price tags.

To this end, Dell offers an organized collection of notebooks at the cost of minute issues.

So this was all about dell laptops. HP laptops have a different story.

Unlike Dell, HP does not offer many sub-brands. However, you can find the best laptops based on your needs. Dell vs hp laptops got different business philosophies.

HP has massive production in the gaming aspect. This is why you can have a good number of hp laptops to choose from.

You have a limited number of choices when it comes to top HP Laptops. Two popular examples of the HP series are The HP Envy and Spectre series. Even you may not find so many laptops in each of these series.

Dell, on the other hand, offers you many laptops to choose from. To put it simply, HP offers more laptops but with less versatility.

Design and Style

Now is the time to discuss the design and style of dell vs hp laptops.

If you want to buy a good laptop, you must also be looking for a laptop with a nice design and style. You must have a general idea of the style of the laptop that you want to buy.

If I talk about Dell, it offers the best look with perfect style especially when it comes to laptops.

However, Alienware is an exception.

There are a few things that you would find in almost all Dell laptops.

When it comes to color, you can find Dell notebooks in vivid colors.

Contrarily, HP laptops come up with different styles and appearances. Most of the HP devices look so amazing. You can always find HP laptops with decent looks.

Quality of Hardware and Software

Quality of hardware and software is something rare in Dell vs HP laptops comparison.

Dell vs HP laptops customers always leave the best comments to review these products. According to the customer reviews, both dell vs hp laptops offers extraordinary quality based on their hardware. That is why notebooks of both brands have resell value. You rarely find hardware issues in any of these brands.

But you should have to stick as per recommended load and purpose. Besides, you won’t have to worry about the hardware aspects of Dell vs HP laptops.

Price trends

I can hardly say about the price of laptop computers due to a variety of sub-brands and sub-categories to choose from laptop computers. However, I would try to help you make a quick decision regarding the affordability of laptop computers.

If you compare dell vs hp laptops, you would get to know that hp computers are more costly than the dell laptops. Dell computers are less expensive as they are always recommended to purchase from their official stores. This makes them less expensive.

Similarly, if you take two devices with the same configuration from both the companies, you will see that dell is more affordable than HP. HP offers many laptop computers in different price ranges. All in all, there is no denying the fact that you will have to pay higher for HP laptops comparatively.

Customer Care and After-Sale Support

Both Dell vs HP laptops are popular for their remarkable customer care and technical support.

In case you have any technical error you can sort it out by registering a complaint and the technical support agent will come to resolve your issue. You cannot register a co0mplain after the warranty period is over.

On the other hand, Dell offers a more welcoming support system and easy-to-use method for registering complaints. Additionally, you may find more quality in the technical support of Dell computers. They can even replace the product in case you have to face serious issues with that.

Here, I may support Dell computers because of not only their customer satisfaction but also the quality that they provide to their customers.

Some recommendations from Dell VS HP laptops

Dell Inspiron 5570 15.6” Full HD Touchscreen Laptop

Among amazing touchscreen laptops, Dell Inspiron 5570 15.6 Full HD Touchscreen Laptop is a high-performance touchscreen laptop. It has some amazing features that you would want on your laptop. This particular laptop comes with a wonderful design with easy use touch. If you are looking for a laptop for work and business purposes then this laptop must be a great option for you.

Moreover, this laptop also comes with a 15.6 big touchscreen display with high resolution. With a bigger screen of the laptop, you can watch and enjoy full movies as well. It is also an amazing option with high speed up to 3.4 GHz.

As it comes with a high amount of RAM, this laptop can handle all applications easily. Not only this, but the device also comes with pre-installed windows 10.

HP Spectre x360 Touch Screen Intel i7 8th Gen Laptop

HP is a leading brand that comes with high-performance laptops. HP offers high-quality products. HP Spectre x360 is one of the wonderful examples of HP products.

It has a touchscreen display. This product is designed for multitasking purposes. You can accomplish it with almost any task so far.

When it comes to displaying quality, this product comes with a 15.6 inch 4K Ultra HD touchscreen display. You can have a faster computing experience as this device is powered by Intel i7 8th Gen CPU. With amazing features, this device can give you high-quality performance.

End Result

As we discussed earlier Dell vs HP laptops, we can’t say which brand is best among both companies.

However, we can conclude some points from our discussion above.

Well, if you are someone who wants some inexpensive laptops that you must not compromise performance and features.

However, for that purpose, you must go for Dell as they are not so costly. As we discussed earlier, Dell also provides you some additional perks like high-class customer support.

Let’s take an example of the gaming performance of Alienware devices. You cannot compare them with even high-end HP gaming laptops. So for gaming purposes, Dell is highly recommended.

Contrarily, If you want a combination of everything then you should go for HP. There is a versatile range of HP laptops. No matter whether you are looking for a typical home laptop or a laptop with high-quality performance hp might be your best choice.

As we discussed earlier, you can be 100% sure of performance, hardware quality, and useful software additions. While considering these, HP is a great choice.

Now that we have discussed everything about dell vs hp laptops, I have made justice in helping you choose the best laptop brand for you. Now that you have decided about your brand, you can check out the best laptops from the main manufacturer.

Once again, you have two choices. One, you can choose one among the best recommendations that we have discussed above. Two, if you have a good budget, you can go for something else from the world of dell vs hp laptops.

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