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Biryani Business Plan – Step by Step

Biryani Business

This is the detailed article where I will explain to you how you can start the Biryani business in Pakistan or all over the world. Please go through these guidelines step by step, I am sure you will learn a lot of things.

Step#1: Do local Market Research:

Biryani Business

Market research is the first and most important part of any business because it tells you about the market trend, preferences, behavior, and taste. Therefore, please put a great focus on market research – this part will decide either your business will be successful or not.

Let us understand the importance of market research from this example; Suppose you started the business without any market research and in few days you came to know that customers have negative feedback towards your Biryani – they think you make it too much spicy that is not the taste of your customers. This negative feedback from customers will destroy your business and you will shut it down.

Therefore, before you enter the market please do detailed research on your market. Remember, the taste and preferences of people are completely different from different areas. In short, different area means different people and different people means different taste and preferences.

Step#2: Make Biryani business plan:

Biryani Business Plan

A business plan is one of the most crucial parts of any business because it is like a road map of your business journey. When we get lost in a jungle then we will always see a map so that we can know where to go and where not to go. And the business plan does the same thing for every business.

Make sure you have covered all the things in your Biryani Business plan like what skills you need, estimated investment, number of employees, business location, marketing plan, promotional strategies, pricing strategies, serving method, etc.

If you can write a Biryani business plan on your own then it’s amazing but in case you are not an expert in business planning then hire an expert and give him a task to write a detailed business plan for you.

A professional Biryani business plan will help you grow your business fast and make it a brand in a few years.

Step#3: Learn How to prepare Biryani

Biryani Business

Yeah, the first step is to be an expert in Biryani. Try to learn, how you can prepare the best Biryani in the world, if you got success in that then you can covert your small Biryani business into a million-dollar company very soon.

And how you can learn this, I will tell you step by step.

Basically, there are two ways, through which you can learn how to cook a tasty Biryani.

1) Learn from a Mentor (Expert)

Look at your surroundings and find a person who cooks the world’s best Biryani in the world. And request him to teach you about Biryani cooking.

If he asks you for money, then I will suggest please pay him happily – it will be an investment for you. It will make your Biryani business successful

2) Learn from YouTube:

YouTube is the best platform where you can learn many things free of cost. Please visit YouTube, find a cooking channel and I am sure they will teach you things in detail.

And then try to implement everything. Suppose, if you learn a method to cook a tasty Biryani – Follow each and every step and prepare the exact similar dish.

Once you are done with Biryani, ask your family members or friends to taste and leave feedback for you.

Learn from that feedback and keep improving your quality.

Quality is the number one factor for the Biryani business.

Step#4: Purchase Equipment and Assets

Once, you are done with learning then the second step is to purchase equipment and assets like a burner, Handi, utensils, spoons, plates, and other related equipment that are necessary to run the Biryani business.

While purchasing the equipment make sure you don’t compromise on quality. If you compromise on the quality of equipment and assets means you compromise on the quality of your Biryani business.

Step#5: Find the best location

This is the 3rd and most important step of the Biryani business. Location always decides, either you will be successful in this business or you will fail.

If you make tasty Biryani, but nobody comes to your Biryani shop because of an unusual location then it will be a waste of your money.

Thousands of people start Biryani business every month all over the world but they shut them down in the first year of operation. It because they choose the wrong location just to save money or rent.

Let me give you one example, I am sure you will understand the importance of location from this example.

Suppose you have started a Biryani business in a location that is away from the main area of the city therefore, its rent is low. Suppose you give $1000 rent.

Here you know that location is away from the main area means very few people will come to you to purchase Biryani – let suppose 100 customers per day. If one Biryani plat is $5 then you will earn $500 every day and $1,500  every month.

Now let’s consider a second situation. We assume that you have started a Biryani shop in the middle of the city and its rent is very high – $5,000. location is in the middle of the city that means you will receive hundreds of customers every day.

Let’s consider, 500 people come to purchase Biryani and it’s rate is $8. That means you will earn $4,000 per day and $12,000 per month.

This is the difference of location – Note, my assumption can be wrong but the point of understanding is you always get higher revenue in a location that is somewhere in the middle of the city.

Rent can be much higher in a good location, but that good location will give you far better and higher revenue to cover up everything.

Step#6: Start advertising

Advertising is one of the most important steps because it helps you to attract more customers and get high sales.

You might have seen two restaurants at the same location – one is earning thousand dollars revenue and the other is not able to get many sales. it’s because of a marketing issue.

Here are the best methods that you can use to advertise your business at a low rate.

  • Viral Marketing: You might have listened to the word “Viral”, it means the content is continuously shared by local people and it’s getting high reach. Now, I want you to think, can you create something crazy about your restaurant that gets viral in your targeted area.

One example of viral marketing is what Careem did in Pakistan “Shadi se bhagna hy to Careem karao” – this concept was unique and trendy therefore, it got viral on social media channels like Facebook. Youngsters started sharing this ad for fun purposes.

The cost of the advertisement was almost zero for Careem – because it got automatically viral.

Think creative and try to make a viral marketing strategy – It will help you to increase your sales in a few days.

  • Presume Marketing: It is another type of marketing where you display your product in an unusual way that grabs the attention of local people.

Like try to apply a mechanical engineering formula and hang your biryani plat in the air so that everyone will be amazed to see that plat hanging in the air. In this way,  you will be able to grab the attention of local people.

  • Social Media Share: Social media is the most powerful tool for promotion because millions of people are available. Give different offers in the form of gifts and discounts to customers that share your business on social media.

Like, you can offer a free cup of tea to those customers who take a selfie in your biryani shop and upload it on their social media profile. In this way, for just 30 rupees, you will promote your shop to hundreds of people.

  • Social media Influencers: Search for local social media celebrities or vloggers and invite them to your biryani business shop. Request them to shoot their vlog in your shop and share it on their social media platform.

You can even pay them for this because it will ultimately bring you hundreds of new customers to your biryani business.

Step#7: Keep expanding

Once you have stabilized your business now it’s time to expand. And you can expand it in two ways:

  • Open its branches: The first thing that you can do is open multiple branches of your biryani business in different cities and countries. Use automated Software and hire employees who will run everything for you.
  •  Add more products: You can convert a biryani shop into a restaurant where you can sell multiple products. And it will automatically increase your total revenue and brand name. Like  “Student Biryani” is doing, they have multiple products related to fast food.

Student Biryani was started a Biryani Shop but now it has many more products and its branches are there in big cities of Pakistan. You can also follow student Biryani concept and keep expanding your business

  • Distribute its franchises: Once your business becomes a big brand then you can distribute your franchise all over the world and you will earn money by sitting at your home. You will receive money for brand value and it will cost you nothing.


With the above steps, you need three more things to become a successful entrepreneur in the field of Biryani Business.

  1. Passion: If you find me the secret of successful entrepreneurs then I will say they had a dying passion for their business. Therefore, if you want to be successful then you must have that passion for Biryani Business-Higher the passion, the higher the probability of your success.

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