Larry Ellison: The co-founder and former CEO of Oracle Corporation

Who is Larry Ellison? An Introduction to the co-founder and former CEO of Oracle Corporation


Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is the co-founder and former CEO of the Oracle Corporation.

Currently, he is the Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer in the company. He is among the top 10 richest men in the world.

His net worth value has made him the 5th richest man in the USA and the 8th richest man in the world. He donates up to 1 percent of his wealth and also takes part in The Giving Pledge commitment campaign. Larry Ellison is a self-made entrepreneur and billionaire.

After many trials and errors, he finally got success and became one of the richest men in the world. He belonged to a poor family and went through a miserable childhood.

He was persistent, and a visionary person who had a passion to bring innovations. Due to these qualities, he is a billionaire today

Early Life of Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle, was born on 17th August 1994 in New York.

At the time of Larry’s birth, his mother Florence Spellman was just 19.

Florence Spellman was an unwed immigrant from Odessa and she was not ready to raise her child.

Resultantly, this little Larry Ellison who was a nine-month-old was sent to his uncle and aunt. Larry has never seen his father. His father was an Army Air Corps pilot and he never knew about the adoption of his child up to his adolescence.

His mother’s sister Lillian Ellison and her husband Louis Ellison lived in the Jewish district in Chicago. They adopted Larry Ellison. Larry got his last name Ellison from his adopted father who was a Russian immigrant.

Larry had an ordinary family. His mother was kind, caring, and loving. His step-father was a strict and stubborn man. Larry was independent and uncompromising. He often had quarrels and misunderstandings with his father and also with his peers later on.

Larry Ellison Education:

Larry Ellison Education

As a school-boy, Larry was a mediocre student and was mostly interested in sports activities.

He loved playing squash, volleyball, and hockey. With this, he was mostly interested in complicated subjects like spaceship construction, high technology, and engineering. He was often bored by the schooling process.

He graduated from the South Shore High School at Urbana-Champaign. After his graduation, he got admission to the University of Illinois in the 1960s.

During this time, Larry was happy and somewhat satisfied. His future seems to him as unclouded and fruitful.

As he loved the sports activities, he was really glad about the University Curriculum activities which gave him independence and power.

However, after the death of his adopted mother, Larry was not interested to pass the final exams and hence dropped out of the University.

After dropping out of the University, he was in constant doubts and confusion in his life for the next year. During that year, he also did some part-time jobs.

Finally, he decided to enter the University of Chicago to pursue a degree in Physics and Mathematics.

However, he lost his interest and could not complete his degree. He was expelled from the University soon after the first semester.

He went to California in 1966 when he was 22. This time, he was living on the margin of poverty. Larry Ellison got interested in new fields like computers and programming. His interest in new fields consumed almost all of his time.

To know more about programming, he started reading specialized literature. He also visited different clubs and attended specific events and seminars. He was a fast learner and he soon stood out of the crowd.

Early Career of Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison Career

Let’s talk about Larry Ellison’s early career. Larry Ellison got his first job at Amdahl Corporation. Amdahl Corporation was a technology company that was founded in 1970 at Sunnyvale, California.

In the beginning, Larry worked for Amtex which was an electronics company and was founded by Alexander M. Poniatoff in 1944. This company was in great competition with Sony Corporation.

Larry Ellison worked at Amtex mostly on the database for the CIA, which he named Oracle.

It was the year of 1977 when Larry Ellison met Bob Miner who the supervisor of Larry at that time.

Bob Miner soon left Ampex and he co-founded the company named Software Development Laborites (SDL) on June 16, 1977.

He was also accompanied by Bruce Scott and Ed Oates. Bob Miner invested 800 US Dollars in SDL. Larry also joined their enterprise as a business partner after a few months. He invested 1200 dollars in SDL.

Larry Ellison sets out his own company Oracle Systems Corporation

Larry Ellison’s career life started in the IT industry in the 1970s.  At first, he worked for Ampex Corporation.

However, after spending several hours working on Databases, he thought of starting his own company. His new company was known as Software Development Laboratories (SDL).

The company started its first successful product the Oracle database. Later on, Larry renamed the company to match the product. His company, which is now known as Oracle Corporation is listed among the biggest software companies in the world.

Oracle Corporation has more than 135,000 employees today and generates over 38 billion US dollar sales. He now owns beautiful yaughts. Not only this, but he also has exotic cars, aircraft, and luxury homes.

In 1979, SDL was renamed Relational Software Inc., and soon it officially became Oracle Systems Corporation after its flagship product, the Oracle RDBMS.

Larry Ellison believed that the Oracle RDBMS could do unbelievable things.

Oracle introduced best performing supermarkets from the whole supermarket chain. It also sorted out the bestselling good and products. Oracle RDBMS could process a great amount of data that was appealing for the government and big businesses.

During that time, Oracle had only eight employees including three co-founders Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates. The company revenue at this time reached to less than 1 million dollars.

Oracle’s Crisis

Like any other business, Oracle also faced a crisis. The first Oracle’s Crisis came out in 1990. That year, the company started losing money.

The company’s market value was reduced by 80% and the company seemed to be on the brink of bankruptcy.

Due to the company’s crisis, Oracle dismissed 400 of its employees. Why the company faced the crisis is because of the aggressive marketing strategy that it followed.

The prospective clients of the company were urged to buy all the software of Oracle at one time. This could be done by booking the value of future license sales in the current quarter. Resultantly, these actions could increase the bonuses.

However, the scheduled sales were failed in the process. The result was a big loss. Additionally, the company incurred some more costs to resolve the issue.

According to Larry Ellison, it was an unbelievable business fault. The result was $24 million which that company had to pay to its shareholders.

Larry Ellison net worth details

According to the latest reports of July 2020, Larry Ellison’s net worth is estimated to be 65 billion dollars.

As per the reports, the annual salary of Larry Ellison is about 41.5 million dollars.

The valuable assets of his company include his luxurious cars, his two private jets, and residential homes in various locations. He also has a tennis garden which he had bought in 2009.

Larry Ellison is an American billionaire. He is the founder of giant Oracle software. He was also CEO of the same company until September 2014.

Larry Ellison has a net worth of over 70 billion dollars and owns only 22 percent of Oracle. He keeps 315 million of his shares for collateral against lines of credit and personal debt. Larry has earned around 9 billion dollars from Oracle stock sales and dividends.

Larry Ellison is one of the top 10 richest people in the world. However, in 1990, he was the richest man on the planet earth. His net worth at that time was higher than Bill Gates.

In the various time of his life, Larry Ellison has been the highest-paid executive in the world with a net worth of 90 million dollars in some years.

It was March 12, 1986, when Larry took Oracle public. On the very next day,

Larry’s biggest rival Bill Gates took Microsoft public. Larry owned 39% of Oracle during the time of IPO.

On the first day of trading, Oracle had a market cap of 270 Dollars. However, Larry had a total net worth of 105.3 million dollars at the end of the day. It was the time of 1990 when the company was close to bankruptcy. Oracle lost almost 50 percent of its market cap. Only a few months of cash was left in the bank.

Larry lost his net worth. His net worth decreased from 500 million dollars to just 150 million dollars. Not only this, but Larry was also almost ousted from Oracle.

Larry Ellison Spouse:

Let’s talk about the marriage life of Larry Ellison. Larry Ellison was married four times with a total of five children. Each of his wives got divorced and left him after spending some time with him.

1. Larry Ellison Spouse: First wife

Larry Ellison wife

During his student life, he met with Adda Quinn who became his first wife in 1967. After 7 years, his Adda Quinn left without blaming him for anything. However, she always described him as a great, still, and unpredictable who is difficult to live with.

2. Larry Ellison Spouse: Second Spouse:

Larry’s second wife was a Stanford University Student. Her name was Nancy Wheeler Jenkins. She was considered one of the most beautiful girls in the University. They got married in 1977.

However, Nancy could not live with Larry and she asked for a divorce in 1978.

3. Larry Ellison Spouse: Third Spouse:

His third wife was Barbara Boothe. She remained his wife from 1983 to 1986. Larry Ellison had a son from the third wife who then became a film producer. Their daughter is also an American film producer and is a founder of Annapurna Pictures.

4. Larry Ellison Spouse: Fourth Spouse:

His most recent wife was Melanie Craft who was a romance novelist.

Larry gave his fourth wife, 911.744 Oracle’s shares worth 11.9 million dollars as a wedding present.

She remained his wife from 2003 to 2010. Steve Jobs, his good friend was the official wedding photographer at the marriage ceremony.

Larry Ellison girlfriend:

Nikita Kahn is Larry Ellison’s girlfriend in 2020. If he gets married this year, most probably, he will get married to Nikita Kahn. However, he has not revealed any such plans as yet.

Larry Ellison House  and Real Estate:

In Larry’s real estate portfolio, some properties are spread around the world. Larry has homes in Hawaii, Japan, Malibu, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and Rhode Island.

However, the primary resistance of Larry is in Woodside, California, and is a 45-acre estate. This primary resistance is worth at least 200 million dollars.

It is a 450-acre estate that features a main house, a two-bedroom guest house, three cottages, a gym, and a 3-acre man-made lake. That man-made lake has two waterfalls.

During the years between 2004 and 2005, Larry Ellison spent 180 million dollars and acquired 12 properties in Malibu, California.

Moreover, he purchased five more contiguous properties for 65 million dollars on Malibu’s ultra-exclusive Carbon Beach. He spent a further 10.5 million dollars in 2010 to acquire the Astor family mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.

He also bought the 249-acre Porcupine Creek Estate golf course in Ranch Mirage, California for 43 million dollars in 2011.

Larry Ellison Island:

Larry Ellison has not only home in Hawaii but he now owns the entire island. He loved the Hawaii Island of so much that he finally decided the buy the entire Island in 2012. He got 98% of the land for 300 million dollars. Larry Ellison purchased the Lanai for $300 million in 2012.

He acquires 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai from the Castle & Cooke Company. The other 2% was owned by the state of Hawaii owned other 2% of the Lanai

The Island included 90,000 acres of land, a town of 32,00 persons. It also included two four seasons resort.

Lanai is one of the eight Islands of Hawaii. Larry Ellison received 88,000 acres (137.50 square miles) of the Island land.

After Larry Ellison owned the Island, he planned to develop the Island’s infrastructure. He also planned to increase the production of fruit and vegetables for sale across the ocean.

He will also be considering the project of renewable energy and turning salt water into drinking water. Larry spent more than 500 million dollars from his pocket on the infrastructure improvement of the Island.

Four seasons resort Lanai is Larry Ellison’s five start slice of paradise. Once you are in this resort, you will have all the activities that one can ever wish for.

Moreover, guests will love to see the local culture once they enter the land.  The multimillion-dollar Polynesian decorates the space with an art collection that defines the local culture of the land

Waterfalls and secluded dipping pools of the Island are spread and arranged in such a way through the space that it provides great privacy to its guests. Each guest that comes in feels as if he/she is the only one at the resort.

Activities of the land are also greatly arranged. The former professional golfer Jack Nicklaus designed the on-site golf course which features ocean views from every hole.

Bill Gates loved playing golf course on this site. Not only this, but he also got married at the 17th hole of the space.

Other Toys:

Larry Ellison has remained a tennis enthusiast and owns the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Coachella, California, and the Indian Wells Masters Tournament. Not only this, but he is also an avid sailor. He has a team of his company Oracle that won the 2010 and 2013 America cup.

The 12th largest yaught in the world, the Rising Sun was owned by Larry for many years. He spent 200 million dollars on building Rising Sun. After many years, he sold this yaught to music mogul David Geffen in 2010.

Larry Ellison’s planes:

Larry travelled to the world on a Gulf-stream V. He then upgraded the Gulf-stream to a 75 million dollar G-650.

However, he decided to buy an airline called Island Air which helped bring guests to Lanai. Not only this, but he also owns two military fighter jets, a decommissioned Soviet MiG-29 and an SIAI-Marchetti S.211.

The government of America does not allow him to fly the MiG-29 in the United States as the government considers that the plane is a weapon of war.

Larry Ellison also donates some of his income to charities. Up to now, he has donated not less than 400 million dollars of his wealth to various charities. Moreover, Larry Ellison has also signed The Giving Pledge.

Larry Ellison yaught:

Larry Ellison is one of those celebrities for whom owning one super yaught is not enough. This American billionaire is the owner of several yaughts over the years.

One of his popular yaughts includes Ronin which is a beautiful 58-meter yaught. This yaught was built by master yaught building company Blohm and Voss.

Moreover, a majestic 138 meter Larry Ellison yaught Rising Sun which now belongs to David Geffen was also built by the same company. Today, Larry owns the Musashi which is an 88-meter yaught and was built by Feadship.

The stories behind some of Ellison’s yachts

Larry Ellison sold Rising Sun and bought the smaller Musashi because this smaller yaught was more suitable according to Larry’s needs.

Larry Ellison does sailing to exotic destinations worldwide. He cannot have access to these destinations with Rising Sun. That’s why he sold the Rising Sun and bought Musashi yaught to enjoy his exotic destinations.

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