13 home small business ideas 2020

At home Business Ideas that you can start without any investment:

At home Small business ideas

Do you want to start your business from home?  and want to earn money online? Do you want to work as per your set schedules? And do you want to utilize your soft skills? No need to worry, it’s all possible today and you are on the right page.

The Internet has transformed almost everything. Today you can work for an organization while sitting thousands of miles away. You can become a consultant, virtual assistant, designer, Social media Manager, eBook author, professional writer and much more with the help of modern technology, globalization and most essential, the soft skills you possess to convert your business idea into reality.

So, let’s convert your business idea into reality while sitting at home, by following a few simple steps;

1) Social Media Page Manager – At home Small business ideas:

One of the significant marketing tools of the 21st century is Social Media. It has replaced traditional marketing channels. With the increasing traffic in Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, companies are realizing the importance of these platforms. That’s the reason why companies are targeting their customers now through Social Media channels.

Home Business ideas

Organizations show their presence in these Social Media platforms mostly through creating their company pages. These pages serve various purposes depending on the purpose of an organization. Sometimes these pages are used for the awareness of new products while other times they are used to promote a brand and increase sales.

These pages are been managed by a person called Social Media page manager. His/her responsibility includes the promotion of various brands, products or to increase awareness or sales of specific products. Social Media Manager achieves these goals through promoting ads, making promotional videos and writing blogs and related posts about the product.

In addition, Search engine optimization (SEO) is also used in this regard to maximizing the number of leads for the page. So, let’s use these Social Media platforms for not only fun and connectivity but also for earning. Let’s bid for Social Media Manager if you think you could produce interesting content for various companies. Your efforts will be assessed on an increase in sales, brand awareness in customers and the overall image of the company.

If you are searching for the at Home small business ideas then Social media page manager business will be the perfect choice for you

2) Start Your YouTube Channel – At home Small business ideas:

Are you good at highlighting various social issues? Can you teach Mathematics, Algebra, Economics, Statistics, Management, Social Psychology, English or any other subject online of your choice? Or, are you good at entertaining people and have a good sense of humor? Do you love making V-logs?

easy home Business ideas

If you are good at any of the above fields or any other field that is not mentioned above, and you can make an interesting video on it then you’re one step behind earning a handsome amount of money and establishing your start-up. Let’s see how you can do it.

The first step is to choose your area of interest. Once you have selected your niche, now see what already available content is related to your field. Where are the gaps? How your content can be different from them and create its presence. After this initial brainstorming, you are now ready to upload your first video towards the endless journey.

YouTube has made it very easy for you to show your talent and target a huge audience while sitting at your home. Lots of famous people got fame because of the YouTube channel as they were heard or watched via this platform. These people have now created their studios at their home and not only are they serving their purpose but also are earning a good amount of money. The best example we have is Khan Academy which is been followed across the globe. Similarly, hundreds of local entertainment video makers have been able to monetize their YouTube channel and are earning lucrative packages.

So, let’s start the journey by opening your new YouTube Channel and show your existence to the world.  These platforms are there to help us and to make you a founder of a new Khan Academy, or an entertaining channel or any other field you desire.

3) Start Blogging – At home Small business ideas:

Not everybody is good at making videos and presenting it. Some people are very good at expressing themselves through content writing. If you’re one those then it’s a perfect place to start your business Idea.

Blogging is about writing personal experiences, stories, expressing views, promoting ideas or even teaching somebody how to cook delicious foods and much more. It’s also about giving experience to people through different pictures and visualization so that your content could be experienced.

Business ideas

Now for whom shall you write and which platform you can use? One way to do that is to connect yourself with an organization of your interest and start writing for them. For instance, if you’re a traveler and enjoy writing your personal traveling than you can surely write blogs for tourism agencies and companies. These writings, once published, will let you earn for years.

On the other hand, you can write independently on whichever topic you choose and with the help of hosting company and blogging software to publish your blog.

The interesting thing about this Business Idea is that once you are done with the writing, you can earn for as long as people are getting help from your writing material. Hence, you can enjoy the fruits of it for many years.

4) Be a Virtual Assistance – At home Small business ideas:

Virtual assistance/assistant, typically abbreviated as VA, also called a virtual office assistant, is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. it is yet another growing market to be considered. You can easily become virtual assistants or can hire virtual assistants for your business start-up idea while sitting at home.

Small business ideas

Companies are preferring virtual assistants over employing someone for their various tasks. Employing a virtual assistant is very cost-effective and does not require much of benefits from the company which otherwise the company had to provide.

With an increase in freelancing websites, you can easily become a Virtual assistant for any company or organization. The only thing you need to have is the relevant skill that the company is looking for and continuous efforts to hunt those virtual jobs.

A virtual assistant can be of any form. For instance, you can be a web developer for a company for a timer-period. Similarly, you can be a web-designer, Social Media Marketing Manager, an HR consultant, Legal Advisor, or even content writer depending on the skills you possess.

So, start polishing your skills, be virtual assistants, start earning and ultimately build your business idea while sitting at home.

5) Content Writer – At home Small business ideas:

Having a technical skill is not always necessary for you to start your business and earn enough. You can even earn a good amount of money as far as you are a good content writer. But who needs content writers and why would they need them?

Small business ideas

Business needs good content writers for various reasons. For instance, in today’s competitive environment, every business is striving hard to build their Social Media Presence and to give their customer online access for purchases. Now, such a platform will surely require a good content writer who would be continuously creating and updating write-ups as per the demand of the company.

So, having good content writing skills is in and itself enough for you to start your business while sitting at home. The only thing that you would need to master along with content writing skills is surfing skills. If you’re good at surfing and finding the relevant material on the web than you can easily relate them with your context and can write wonderful stuff for your company.

So, let’s start hunting content writing jobs and convert your dreams into reality by producing enrich write-ups for your clients.

6) Home Parlor – At home Small business ideas:

One of the growing industries, especially in South Asia, is the cosmetics industry. People are becoming more and more interested in beautifying themselves. They not only buy expensive cosmetics but also search for the best beauty parlor in their vicinity. So, it’s the best opportunity for people who got beauty parlor related kills and want to establish their Home Parlor Business.

At home Small business ideas

This business would not be limited to your local area but, your customer would include online customers. You just need a few things in this regard which are beauty parlor skills, modern equipment, and understanding of developing an online platform to attract online customers as well.

So, if you think your inborn beauty parlor or you got the best beauty parlor skills, then don’t wait to start your Home parlor business. It will not only be a means of earnings for you but also will be a stepping stone toward establishing a business idea that could worth millions of dollars.

In addition, having beauty parlor skills can make you an online consultant as well for already established saloons businesses across the globe. Your valuable tips could be rated very high in the cosmetic industry. So, start your business or become an online assistant for beauty parlors and earn a good amount of money sitting at home.

7) eBook author – At home Small business ideas:

do you have an interesting story to share? Have you gone through very rare circumstances in your life? Or do you have some skills that can be taught via eBook?

At home Small business ideas

If you have any such experiences or skills that can be catchy for the audience, then don’t wait to start writing your eBook. Becoming an eBook author will not only have a social impact but also would be very lucrative for the writer.

an eBook author can earn for years, once they publish a book via a famous publisher. Short stories could be your first step towards becoming a world-renown story writer.

But what if you’re missing writing skills to make a professional eBook? Well! When there is a will, there is away. There are online writers available that could help you to write professional books and ultimately publish it book through famous publishers.

Alternatively, you can help others too in writing their book if you got those skills. This means you can start your business start-ups that provide proofreading services to your clients while sitting at your home and work as per your comfortable schedules.

So, let’s covert your business idea into reality by sharing your story and create an impact!

8) App and Website Designer – At home Small business ideas:

With the advent and wide access of the internet, it’s essential for the companies to have created their online presence on different platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Google or on Social Media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Similarly, with the increasing inclination towards using apps, companies and businesses are also continuously making their own apps so that their customer could easily reach them.

At home Small business ideas

Since web designing and app development is a one-time task with continuous improvement thereafter, companies prefer freelancers to have this done for them rather than hire a full-time employee.

So, if you got the skills of Web Designing or app development, regardless of whether you have a professional degree or not, you can start your business from your home and can earn thousands of dollars per month. In addition, what if you’re interested in web-designing and app development but lake some necessary skills, still there is a way out. There are numerous online courses that can help you in this regard and can make professional App and Web Designer

This initial push can help you to create your personal designer house, or app development house wherein you will be running various projects at a time and might be hiring various staff to assist you.

So, if you got such rare skills then start hunting online jobs from various freelancing platforms where thousands of companies are looking to hire good Web Designers and an App developer.

9) Graphic Designer – At Home Small Business Ideas:

While Web Designing and App development may be limited to lucrative businesses and other big organizations, Graphic Designing is almost everywhere. Whether you see a logo, print ads, flyers, standees, and banners, they all have to do with Graphic Designing.

Graphic designer business idea

Graphic Designing is in fact among the top hunting jobs in freelancing categories. It is not only limited to making Logos, flyers, Standees or banners but also anything that has to do with the designing comes under this category. For instance, creating a catchy cover page for an eBook or creating an admission form for the University also has to do with the design. This means if you are blessed with Graphic Designing skills, you are really a blessed person!

To start graphic designing you don’t need to have a professional degree. The only thing you are required is to prove your designing ability to your clients. This means you can learn to design online by spending zero amount of money and then can earn a good amount of money thereafter.

Once you have established your credibility, you will be burdened with hundreds of Graphic Designing tasks. This means you this skill can be converted into a big Business idea while sitting in your room having a laptop and a good internet connection.

So, if you learn such valuable skills then don’t wait to start hunting your highly needed job. It can make you earn thousands of dollars sitting at home, far away from giant business companies.

10) Travel Planner – At home small business ideas

Are you a tourist? Have you traveled to different tourist resorts? Have you been to various countries? Or you are living near to the best tourist resorts? If so, you could utilize your experience and create a business idea out of it.

Travel planner startup business

Traveling has become an important part and parcel of our life. We travel for education purposes; we travel for business purposes and most importantly we travel to witness the beauty of nature.

One of the significant problems that tourists face is not having proper plans regarding their journey because they don’t these places in the first place. So, to fill this gap, there are entire businesses that operate just to facilitate travelers and in return make a good amount of money.

But even if you have no prior experience in business, you can also start your business idea from home. The service that will make you earn through it will be making travel plans for new travelers and tourists.

So, start converting your dream into reality. Choose a tourist place or any other place that you have visited and had full knowledge. Start making various plans keeping in view the different audiences like students, family or business individuals. You may add pictures or even videos to your travel planner to make more attractive. And then you can cash it through various online platforms, for many years.

11) Vocational rental owner – At home Small business ideas:

Airbnb, an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences, is estimated to be a $38 million dollar company. The idea behind it was very simple i.e. to facilitate travelers with best-staying facilities and let them feel at home even when they are far away.

Can you be another Airbnb in your country? Absolutely! It all starts from scratch. If you got a house in a place where travelers visit frequently for their various purposes, you can start your business too. You just need to see which portion of your home can be easily rented for a short period of time. And then you can invite people across the globe to stay at your house for a short period.

Such a Business start-up will not only connect you to the entire world but also can be very lucrative. And once you gained enough experience in this filed, the second step would be to start your full-time business by making a platform that will give an opportunity to other vocational rental owners to rent their houses and you may establish another Airbnb for your country.

12) life coach – At home small business ideas

Are you good at understanding people? Have you have gone through the most critical and difficult situations in your life and have survived it? Have to experience diversified people in your life and have learned it the different perspective of life? Or did you understand the purpose of life?

Life coach trainer business

If you have been through the above situation, you can be a very good life coach for others. This profession mainly refers to one of the growing fields like a motivational speaker or personal consultant.

But, how can you make it a reality, a business idea, a good start-up? Well! You can start it simply through your various Social Media profiles. These platforms mainly include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Once people listen to you or watch a video, they will start following you if your philosophy attracts them. Slowly but surely, this profile will grow to the extent that you might become Tony Robbin, life coach, and philanthropist.

So, let’s start making it a reality if you think your words can motivate others; can console others; can take people out of depression and can give them good suggestions for both their personal and professional life. It’s never too late!

13) Data entry work: – At Home small business ideas

Data plays an important role in any organization. It mainly uses for future estimation and decision-making processes. We organize data to find out key information about the overall performance of any organization.

But how the data can be organized? how to organize scatter through various data entry techniques. These techniques are mostly related to the basic concepts of Microsoft Excel. Which mean you can become online assistance for a various organization to do their Data entry work.

Data entry business idea

Even if you no knowledge of excel whatsoever, no need to worry. You can easily learn basic skills to run excel and do the data entry task at your home.

Slowly and gradually, you can master Data entry work. And can start interpreting the relationship between data as well by making various graphs, etc. This level of understandings can be very beneficial and can make you earn hundreds of dollars per month.


These were the top 13 at home small business ideas.

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