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Arslan Javed Chang


Arslan Javed Chang

Myself Arslan Javed and I am a freelancer, blogger, Entrepreneur, and YouTuber. 

What I believe is failure is the part of life and we have to keep trying for better results. From my childhood, I always listen to the word “It’s Impossible – You can’t do it” And these words were said by my loved ones who are very close to my heart. I am not saying that they discourage me intentionally but they surely do it unintentionally. 

People who use to say that Arslan Javed is the biggest failure, now they take time from me so that they can discuss with me, learn from me. It’s not about how big I am, but I am sharing this just to remind you that the world (people) don’t keep constant feelings for you. 

They will praise you when you get some big success. And they will discourage you, hurt you when you will face failure in your life. Therefore, ignore the world, ignore people, just focus upon your dreams. 

Yes – Dream big so that people can call you a crazy person.